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Jason Suran’s Reconnected

Jason Suran’s Reconnected

Your mind is his playground!

Producers Carl Moellenberg , Alan Cumming and Adam Rei Siegel present acclaimed mentalist Jason Suran, in his new virtual show Reconnected, an unforgettable evening of psychological astonishments.

Reconnected is an intimate, interactive and irresistible experience where sophisticated acts of mind-reading and unique immersive elements meet, bringing you a show that asks you to engage with yourself and your fellow audience members. There are no muted mics and no back-row seats. So, come together with friends old and new for an experience that you will never forget…and no one else will believe.

Reconnected is written and performed by Jason Suran, created by Suran in collaboration with Adam Rei Siegel and features graphic design by Remy Kass, Emily Murtaugh and Matt Rinehart, technical direction by William O’ Connell , and video trailer by Alex Olsen.

This virtual experience is performed in advance of an upcoming theatrical show once safety permits.


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