Every day is opening night.


Ladies and gents,

I was there in 1979 at Carnegie Hall when Andy Kaufman took the entire audience out for milk and cookies. (I never knew Andy, but I was great friends for a time with the great Tony Clifton, who used to open for him. Tony used to stay with me when he was in town, and he repaid me in two ways: tickets to Andy’s shows and breakfast in bed. He used to make the most incredible “meat-lovers’ scramble.”) Back to Carnegie Hall: it was the kind of electric, communal event you remember for the rest of your life. It transcended performance art and entered into an almost spiritual realm. It was downright life affirming. Well, nearly forty years later and 14 blocks south, a provacateur-of-a-different-stripe is pulling off his own version of Kaufman’s happening to equally thrilling effect. In what is becoming something of a post-show tradition, Michael Moore took his entire audience to the a street vender on 44th and 6th Avenue last week, treating everyone to hot dogs. (I haven’t seen a hot dog used so effectively in a theatrical PR stunt since Harvey Fierstein held a press conference to deep-throat Brooklyn Diner’s 12-incher named in his honor.) Moore claimed the whole gesture was cooked up to “stimulate the economy” but I think his goal was simply to delight a group of people who paid to come to see him perform. And delight it did. I haven’t seen a group of liberals so excited since the “Access Hollywood” tape surfaced last October.

Other delights that Moore is delivering nightly include a slew of celebrity guests he’s bringing on-stage at performances. Last night was Olivia Wilde. Earlier in the week, funnyman Darrell Hammond obliged, as Benedict Cumberbatch cheered him on from the audience. I’ve even heard rumors that a certain former Secretary of State and Presidential Nominee might be making a surprise appearance to coincide with the promotion of a certain book. Now THAT would be even better than a free hot dog!

 Tidbits from around summer towns…

Spotted Naomi Watts trying to remain incognito while enjoying some autumnal sunshine at Pier 26.

Overheard “Daily Show” correspondent Hasan Minhaj raving about the pour-over at Kaffe 1668.

Saw golden-throated Tony nominee, and current Hamilton cast member, Euan Morton walking an adorable puppy around

the Upper West Side.

As always, a toast of something sparkling to you and yours!


Scoop V.