Every day is opening night.

“A Little Luck”

Ladies and gents,

New York has the theater, L.A. has the movies, but, for me, Las Vegas remains the entertainment capital of the world. Every element of this city is designed to delight its captive audience, from the soaring hotel lobbies to the clanging casino floors, from the garishly lit-up strip to the hyper-designed shopping complexes. For anyone who appreciates attention to detail and a desire to please, Las Vegas is a dreamscape. And that’s all without having to plunk down any money to see a show (of which there are plenty to choose from).

My favorite show on the strip remains Blue Man Group – their Las Vegas production is fresh and amped up, with a few tricks you won’t see anywhere else. But, I’m also a sucker for an old-fashioned lounge act. In my day, you could pop into most casinos and catch a world-class act free of charge. These days, it’s a bit tougher to find. In the early 2000’s, the Imperial Palace featured an act called May & Murray. Stuart Mayand and Mariellen Murray have since
disappeared, but back then they were delivering what might have been the last gasp of the great, free lounge act. The highlight (as is the case with all great lounge acts) was the patter. Funny, self-deprecating, and seemingly off-the-cuff, these two kids had the kind chemistry that could lift your spirits even after the most brutal day at the tables. Many have called this style of entertainment “cheesy,” “mind-numbing,” “insipid,” but its appeal is universal and undeniable.

It was a gift from the casino to its loyal customers. “I’m sorry we took your money. Enjoy this show, on us.” I call on the power brokers in Sin City — particularly the visionary Steve Wynn who knows this town better than anyone — to bring back this vital and underrated art form. If they refuse, I just might take it upon myself to start singing and telling stories on casino floors up and down the strip—and no one wants that!

Tidbits from around town:

Spotted Adam Sandler arriving at JFK, bracing for the brisk autumn weather in a giant black parka.

Saw Ed Helms getting a haircut at a barbershop in Silver Lake.

Overheard the newly single Countess Luann de Lesseps gushing over Bobby Cannavale’s “hotness” at the starstudded opening of A Time To Kill.

As always, a toast of something sparkling to you and yours!