Every day is opening night.

Autumn with the Duke

Duke Ellington stands amongst the foliage on a brisk October day, and he’s standing especially tall this month – for, beginning this weekend, his songs will be enchanting New York City once more. The musical, After Midnight, at the Brooks Atkinson Theater presents the timeless standards of the Duke, performed by Wynton Marsalis’ Lincoln Center All-Stars and featuring the Billie Holidays of our time (Fantasia Barrino and Adriane Lenox to name a few). As one stares up at the spirit of jazz, looking over Central Park, framed by the oranges and yellows of fall, one might think: would Ellington be proud of the state of music today? Would America’s pop sensibilities appeal to the father of the big band? Maybe not, but with After Midnight, we’re certainly in his good favor.