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Beanie Feldstein

Beanie Feldstein

To see Beanie Feldstein in the Tony-winning hit Hello, Dolly! is like breathing fresh air. Alongside the likes of Gavin Creel, Kate Baldwin and the legendary Bette Midler, she dances, sings and brings down the Shubert house with musical theater gold eight times a week. Before her Broadway debut, Beanie appeared with Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne and Zac Efron in
Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising as well as Netflix’s hit series Orange Is the New Black. This year, she will star in Greta Gerwig’s new film Lady Bird, set to be released in November. We are thrilled to have Beanie Feldstein On the Couch.

What do you consider to be your best asset?
I’m really good at keeping in touch. If I love you, you’re screwed… cause I’ll never let you go!

What was your proudest moment?
Graduating from Wesleyan University. There were many days when I thought I wouldn’t finish college. And I am SO happy I did! I never valued the academic side of myself in high school, but I really found it during those four years.

What is your favorite drink?
Campari and club soda. My friends all hate it, but I love it.

What is your favorite food?
Salmon avocado rolls.

What is your favorite condiment?

What is your current obsession?
Taylor Trensch.

If you could give up one of your vices, what would it be?
Cupcakes. But also the thought of not eating them makes me deeply upset. I hate this question!

What is the one professional accomplishment you long for most?
I would love to own a summer camp.

What is the one thing you waste too much money on?
Nail art.

What is the one activity you waste too much time doing?
Watching “Gilmore Girls” from start to finish over and over and over.

What do you consider to be the single greatest threat to your health?
Oy… everything. I’m a walking allergy attack waiting to happen. I’m allergic to fragrances and most skincare… so Bath and Body Works?

What is the single best trait you inherited or learned from your parents?
My parents are the most generous people. I would say generosity is the trait my brothers and I all share that is a direct result of their beautiful example.

What is the single worst trait you inherited or learned from your parents?

What in the world most thrills you?
Watching my friends shine. I swear I have the most talented, passionate group of friends that has ever existed and there is nothing better than watching them thrive.

What current trend in popular culture most irritates you?
Those fidget spinner things seem unnecessary.

What was the single most embarrassing moment you’ve ever experienced on the job?
A fly flew into my mouth in the middle of shooting a scene on my first day. I could feel its wings flapping on my uvula. I had to kill it by coughing it up. Just imagine it… we are rolling and all of a sudden I am running around the room like a crazy person. It was the most embarrassing and disgusting moment of my life.

What is your favorite place in the world?
The Berkshires.

What is the most important trait you seek in a romantic partner?
He has to be passionate. I don’t care what he is passionate about; he just has to be passionate about something! I can’t stand idle people.

Do you prefer the company of dogs or cats?
I’m so allergic to cats that just reading the question gave me hives.

What would have to happen to make today the best day of your life?
If my nephews moved to New York.

What is your personal motto?
They either want the Bean or they don’t want the Bean.