Every day is opening night.


A rough reenactment of a scene from American Psycho at Harry’s Steakhouse.


Ladies and Gents,

Well, summer is unofficially over (and yet I’m still schvitzing)!

“Must” is a must!

Last Wednesday I attended the opening night of Kenny Solms‘ new play, It Must Be Him. I had already seen the play, which is a laugh a minute (and, even at only 75 minutes, that’s still quite a few laughs), but I never miss the opportunity to be amongst the stars. And amongst the stars I was! I saw Joel Grey chatting with Entertainment Tonight in the lobby. Then I ran into Joan Rivers in the elevator, who was screaming: “For a good time, get off on 3.” I said, “Joan, darling, the theater’s on the fourth floor.” “Oh, then what’s on three?” she asked. “The bathroom!” said the elevator attendant. Oh, how we laughed! Once seated, I found myself directly behind the divine Anjelica Huston (who used to be Kenny’s next door neighbor). She is one of the rare, LA-based stars who I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting, and let me tell you she is positively ravishing in person — the very height of elegance! Also nearby were Sandy Gallin, Hal Prince, Phyllis Newman and Anthony Rapp. Gail Parent, Kenny’s longtime writing partner (making her half of one of the most legendary comedy teams in television history), was there too.  The after party was at a venue I’d never been to called 48 Lounge, and it all felt so over-the-top that it nearly took the “Off” right out of “Off-Broadway”!

The Open

I caught the Rafael Nadal/Teymuraz Gabashvili match at the US Open last week, and I can’t tell you what a thrill it was to be at Flushing Meadows again! It is truly the best sporting event of the year — the venue is intimate, the energy is electric, and the stars come out in droves! Just being that close to Rafa’s arms was enough to send my head spinning. I even traded my trademark champagne for a couple of ice cold brews (Amstel Light, but still)!

Business Cards:

The O&M Co. staff took Rick Miramontez to notorious Wall Street hangout Harry’s Steakhouse  to celebrate his birthday. Harry’s was immortalized on celluloid in American Psycho, and the staff had such a time reenacting that memorable scene, comparing and critiquing each other’s business cards. Everyone got loaded on Cakebread Chardonnay, which Rick and I were introduced to by Andrew Lloyd Webber at the opening night of Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. By the end of the night, I had to be put into a taxi and delivered to my door.  The very last thing I remember was staffer Jon Dimond‘s angelic rendition of “With One Look” — there was nary a dry eye in the restaurant!

Tidbits from Around Town:

Saw Daily News theater critic Joe Dziemianowicz chatting it up with Peter Scolari in Columbus Circle.

Overheard Julie Taymor raving about the food at Theaterland’s newest hotspot, The Lambs Club.

Witnessed John Krasinski and Emily Blunt sprinting up Hudson Street, chasing down a vacant taxi.

As always, a taste of something sparkling (even if it’s Amstel Light) to you and yours!