Every day is opening night.

Celia Keenan-Bolger

Part of the hottest new family to take Broadway by storm, Celia Keenan-Bolger is no stranger to the stage. She originated the role of Clara in the pre-Broadway run of The Light in the Piazza at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago, and gained her first Tony nomination as the loveable brainiac Olive Ostrovsky in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee when she was just 27. Celia received her second Tony nomination for her portrayal of Molly in the magical Peter and the Starcatcher, now playing at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre. She also has an active role in politics, founding ‘Broadway for Obama,’ an organization meant to motivate and educate the theater community about what Barack Obama stands for and how to get involved with his re-election. Check out where this Starcatcher likes to fly off to, as we get Celia On The Couch!

Q: What do you consider to be your best asset?
I was born with a gift for empathy.

Q: What was your proudest moment?
My wedding day.

Q: What is your favorite drink?
I love a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.

Q: What is your favorite food?
Avocado for dinner. Ice Cream for dessert.

Q: What is your favorite condiment?

Q: What is your current obsession?
Getting Obama relected.

Q: If you could give up one of your vices, what would it be?

Q: What is the one professional accomplishment you long for most?
To have the respect of the artists I respect the most.

Q: What is the one thing you waste too much money on?

Q: What is the one activity you waste too much time doing?
I will spend some time on a blog fashion or food related.

Q: What do you consider to be the single greatest threat to your health?
My post-show drinking habit can't be great for me.

Q: What is the single best trait you inherited or learned from your parents?
How to love: myself and others.

Q: What is the single worst trait you inherited or learned from your parents?
I'm terrible at throwing things out in the fridge.

Q: What in the world most thrills you?
The success of people I love.

Q: What current trend in popular culture most irritates you?
Obsession with the personal lives of celebrities. Leave Kristen Stewart alone.

Q: What was the single most embarrassing moment you've ever experienced on the job?
I recently started saying other cast members lines with them. Out loud. Not good.

Q: What is your favorite place in the world?
Italy? Ugh there are so many… I also love Seattle. And NYC.

Q: What is the most important trait you seek in a romantic partner?
They need to be smarter than me.

Q: Do you prefer the company of dogs or cats?
Dogs, but that's a recent development

Q: What would have to happen to make today the best day of your life?
A gathering with great food and drink where my husband, best friends and siblings were all there.

Q: What is your personal motto?
Take care of one another