Every day is opening night.


Ladies and gents,
Normally I offer up my annual last-minute gift guide the week before Christmas, but I am not feeling particularly keen on participating in the economy this year. So, before our teeth get all fuzzy with the saccharine-sweet taste of good old fashioned American consumerism, let me direct your attention to this recent New York Times opinion piece by Ann Patchett, “ My Year of No Shopping” So, if you see me out-and-about in 2018 wearing threadbare slacks and a top you’ve seen before, you’ll know why!

Now, while it’s still 2017, let’s spend some hard-earned cash! As any self-respecting millennial will tell you, material possessions are tres passé. It’s all about (Snapchatable) experiences. Here are a few gift ideas ready-made for your social follows, and they won’t clutter your apartment.

The Frick Museum: Give the gift of membership to one of New York’s most uniquely glorious art institutions. A lush collection of Western painting, sculpture, and decorative art housed in Henry Clay Frick’s early 20th century mansion. When the paintings start to bore you, just imagine yourself as a successful Industrialist living in high style on Fifth Avenue,and you’ll be revived.
Transcendental Meditation: We all have a lot on our minds these days. News is coming at us faster than a William Ivey Long quick change, and the term “existential crisis” has taken on a terrifyingly literal meaning. Sure, TM is expensive but can you really put a price tag on inner peace?

HGS Home Chef: Make it a day trip and bring your loved one to picturesque Hillsdale, NY (the inspiration for TV’s “Green Acres”) to take a cooking class. Choose from an eclectic range of guest experts at this culinary offshoot of Matthew White’s General Store. And, while you’re there, pop into the store for some retail therapy while enjoying the carefully curated seasonal musical selections.

Tidbits from 2017
Spotted…er –
You know what?
Let’s just try to forget 2017. Instead, let’s focus on making sure 2018 is filled with love, peace, kindness, and
As always, a toast of something sparkling to you and yours!

Scoop V.