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Creative Edge Parties Unveils Ground-breaking New Website

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New York, NY (March 9, 2015) – Carla Ruben, CEO and founder of Creative Edge Parties, New York’s leading event planning and catering company, announces the launch of a ground-breaking new website.

“Our new website was designed to not only stand apart from your typical caterer’s website but to truly demonstrate the marriage between delicious food and beautiful design.  It is the definition of my credo: ‘Simple Brilliant’,” said Ruben.

Designed by London-based web developer Adam Hartwig, the new site is completely built around user interaction and allows visitors to play, explore, and create something that they are able to instantly share on their personal Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram feeds. Hartwig added, “The technology behind this site is on the cusp of what can be done. It’s an experimental piece that’s as cutting edge as it gets.”

The website includes several shareable interactive elements like My Cocktail, which invites visitors to answer a few questions in order to build their own unique cocktail (and learn how to make it) or the Palatizer which helps define one’s personal tastes in a visual format, and more will continue to be added. The beautiful gallery shows a stunning array of Creative Edge Parties’ work gathered from social media posts and even the site’s informative elements are sure to crack a smile on the faces of the sternest of event planners.

A true piece of art, the new website is sure to keep you glued to the screen to see what comes next – only wishing you could eat it.

Dig in at: www. creativeedgeparties.com


In the over two decades since Carla Ruben founded Creative Edge Parties in her studio apartment, she has learned how best to bring the finest food along with visionary design to the plates of New York’s most discriminating clientele, securing Creative Edge Parties as one of New York's leading caterers. In March 2011, Ruben launched the Creative Edge Culinary Council (CECC) with Chef Pete Evans from Australia. Evans and his staff worked with the Creative Edge kitchen to present incredible new flavors and foods that wowed clients and friends, and are now part of the CECC repertoire. In May 2014, the CECC hosted Chef Flynn McGarry and his pop-up restaurant Eureka at the Creative Edge West Village dining room for the restaurant’s NYC debut. The CECC has become a true collaboration between Creative Edge chefs and visiting chefs to present new foods and designs. Recently, Creative Edge has worked with Bravo's Top Chef Finalists, Richard Blais and Michael Isabella to prepare and serve the final menus to all the guests at Bravo's upfront party. The company has also worked closely with Gwyneth Paltrow to host an intimate dinner for 60 of her friends to celebrate her cookbook, “My Father's Daughter,” and hosted Jamie Oliver as he launched the “Jamie Oliver Food Foundation.” In the past, Creative Edge has been tapped by the top corporate and social event planners in New York City to cater the MOMA Film Gala, The Whitney Fall Benefit, The Keep a Child Alive Gala, and Joyful Heart Foundation Event. On any given night, Ruben can be found exceeding the expectations of clients such as: Beyonce, Jay Z, Alicia Keyes, Isaac Mizrahi, and Calvin Klein.





www. creativeedgeparties.com