Every day is opening night.

“Diamond’s Are Girl’s Best Friend”

Ladies and gents,

We are in the home stretch of Awards Season and nerves are fraying! Now, as you undoubtedly know, dear readers, I adore this time of year. I love a gala. I love an awards ceremony. Hell, I enjoy a luncheon, assuming the chicken isn’t overdone. But even I am at the end of my rope.

I hear that one producing office has hired a full-time staff masseur to keep staffers feeling relaxed and nimble as we near Tony Sunday. I don’t have the budget for that, but lucky my co-pay for my anxiety medication is only $7.00. I’ve also begun a daily meditation practice, which I highly recommend if you don’t mind sitting still for thirty minutes at a time. But medication and meditation aside, there is only one real way to get through the season: glamour. I find a way to infuse a touch of glamour into each day.

Today’s dose of glam? I spent the afternoon at Verdura, the famed Fifth Avenue jewelry showroom. A dear friend was picking out baubles to wear to the Tony Awards, and I tagged along for the heck of it. The space is plush and well-appointed, with sweeping Central Park Views — it’s as if visiting your wealthy aunt’s Park Avenue penthouse. (Well, to be honest, the closest thing we had in my family to a wealthy aunt was my late Uncle Chuck, who owned a successful chain of sandwich shops in the outskirts of Cincinnati. Park views he lacked, but he did have a swimming pool.)

Duke Fulco di Verdura got his start designing textiles for Coco Chanel, but soon turned his focus to jewelry. After moving to the states, he opened his own shop on Fifth Avenue with the backing of his friends Vincent Astor and Cole Porter. That was exactly 75 years ago, and one of the ways Verdura is celebrating its diamond anniversary (how fitting!) is by outfitting a slew of ladies for this year’s Tony Awards. What’s the process? You show up. They serve you champagne (even during the champagne shortage, this place was well stocked). They unveil a collection of the most blinding bling you’ve ever laid eyes on — pieces ranging from a mere $20,000 up into the seven figures. You sign away your life (the stuff is insured, but they aren’t taking any chances). And then you get to play queen for the day on your big night. No money exchanges hands. It’s the best deal in town! The only chicer accessory on Tony night is the award itself! So when you’re watching red carpet coverage and you just HAVE to know where so-and-so got those divine jewels, now you know.

Tidbits from around town…

Spotted Mariah Carey‘s ample cleavage at the Fresh Air Fund Gala.

Witnessed Daily News scribe Joe Dziemianowicz walking around midtown with a baseball bat. For self-protection or en route to a game, I do not know!

Saw Joel Grey enjoying breakfast at Cafe Gitane at the Jane Street Hotel.

As always, a toast of something sparkling to you and yours!