Every day is opening night.


Ladies and gents,

It isn’t often that a theatrical press agent finds the time for a personal life, let alone to spark and nurture a functional relationship, make a lifelong commitment, and plan a destination wedding. So when grapevine p.r. topper Molly Barnett announced plans to wed her beshert, Dave Larkin, Esq., it was the talk of the industry!

Well, the day has come and gone, and yours truly was there to take part in the festivities. Held at Miami’s Rusty Pelican last Sunday, so those who observe the Sabbath could still attend, the service – in equal parts Hebrew and English – was an open-air affair, with 270° water-views.  The evening was gorgeous. The vows were pitch-perfect, with the stoic bride predictably composed and the sensitive groom overcome with emotion. Even a certain notorious gossip monger’s cheeks got damp!  (Perhaps it was merely the South Florida humidity. Perhaps not.)

The reception, just indoors, began with cocktail hour, where Molly’s Broadway colleagues mixed with Dave’s friends from the Peace Corps.  There are many ways to do the Lord’s work. The theatricals in attendance included Jessica Phillips, Tracy Geltman, Jenifer Foote, Jamie Du Mont, Marc Borsak, David Barrineau, Heath Schwartz, Amy Kass, Kelly Guiod, Ashley Berman, Greg Livoti and Twitter’s own Chelsea Nachman.

Also present was Molly’s 97-year-old grandmother, ensuring that I wasn’t the oldest person in the room. Wish that we could attend every event together!

After speeches from proud parents and adoring siblings came dinner and after dinner came cake. Which Floridian bakeshop was chosen to do the honors, you ask? Why, the bride’s favorite, naturally: Publix!

After dessert and dancing, the alter cockers went home to bed. The youngers went to an after party. Me? I fell asleep in my finery after one or three too many glasses of wine!

Tidbits from around town…

Overheard DKC/O&M president Rick Miramontez in an out-and-out screaming match with a Trump supporter over lunch at Palm Beach’s famed Worth Avenue perennial, Taboo.  A sympathetic dem at another table sent the publicist a glass of wine to soothe his temper, pleading “Please take care of yourself!  We need your vote!”

Spotted Mary McCormack and her kids taking in a preview performance of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at San Francisco’s Curran.

Saw Joel Grey enjoying lunch with a friend at Pastis, while a table of tourists gawked.

As always, a toast of something sparkling to you and yours!