Every day is opening night.


Ladies and gents,

On September 12, 1866, the Evansville Daily Journal used the phrase “the show must go on” and an entire industry’s ethos was born. Theatricals have long prided themselves on this can-do spirit, and performers who “never miss a show” have become the stuff of legend.

This past week, we had to face the reality that some things are simply more important than pride, spirit, or philosophy. As heartbreaking as it is to see our beloved street go dark, I applaud the powers-that-be, including the Broadway League, producers and presenters, and our state government, for putting the safety of our community and audience members above economic interests. It’s a heart-wrenching decision to be sure, but the only appropriate one given the circumstances.

Here’s the good news: nobody knows how to stage a better comeback story than the good people of Broadway. We’ve been knocked down before, and we’ve come back stronger each and every time. Human beings are social animals, and we need communal experiences. When this virus subsides — and it will subside — our art form will be able to offer humanity what it craves most.

Until then, it’s non-perishables and Netflix. But just because you’re self-quarantined doesn’t mean you can’t have a little glamour in your life. I’m starting every day with a perfumed bath, and then doing my hair and then dressing myself in something fun and flattering. I spend the day writing and catching up with friends over FaceTime. When 5pm rolls around, I mix myself a cocktail, turn on some music, and get cozy with a good book. This is my version of self-care; you find yours.

I can’t wait to see you at the theater. In the meantime, find a way to enjoy this brief intermission.

Tidbits from around town…

Spotted no one.

Saw nothing.

Overheard not a peep.

As always, a toast of something stiff to you and yours!