Every day is opening night.

“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

Ladies and Gents,

If you are reading this column, the world hasn’t ended … yet. And that means before you know it, we’ll be sailing into the New Year. Last year I resolved to make no more resolutions and this year I find myself fifteen pounds heavier, smoking a pack-a-day, and cursing like Kathleen Turner in a traffic jam. So this year, I’ve decided to make my promises public so you, dear readers, can help me stay on course.

Resolution #1:
Wear more comfortable clothing! In my line of work, there is a lot of pressure to be glamorous, but it’s hard to convey glamour when you’re spilling over your waistband. So I’ve decided to let myself relax a bit in 2013. Many great style icons got away with baggy garments and sensible shoes (think Mother Theresa meets Madison Avenue)!

Resolution #2:
Be kinder to the help! Most of the time I’m courteous as can be, but on recent Virgin America flight I found myself ordering bottle after bottle of water in a passive aggressive attempt to teach the uppity flight attendant a lesson. I landed hydrated and remorseful. So in the New Year, everyone is treated like a star!

Resolution #3:
Eat dessert first! In the news biz they say, “never bury the lead.” Well, if you apply this to dining, why the hell are we saving the best part of the meal for the very end. My old friend Barbra Streisand experimented with eating dessert first back in the late-90’s and the world laughed. Well, let me tell you: I’ve never once finished a meal and not made room for chocolate cake. But when I start with the cake, there’s a pretty damn good chance I won’t make room for the Caesar salad. Think of the calories I’ll save!

Tidbits from around town:

Caught Sean Young flirting her way out of a parking ticket.

Saw Jonathan Groff lunching at Georgio’s, catching rays in the winter sun.

Witnessed either Harvey or Bob Weinstein (or is there a third brother?) riding a crosstown bus down 14th Street.

As always a toast of something sparkling (go ahead and splurge on the French stuff; it’s the holidays!) to you and yours.