Every day is opening night.

“Hey There, Good Times”

Fran Drescher working it for the cameras.
Ladies and Gents,

Spring is in the air, my lovies! Being a native Angeleno, I am so looking forward to a little heat (although I am not looking forward to the New York humidity, and neither is my hair stylist)!

The Envelope, Please:

I am still dealing with my Oscar hangover. I only got four categories right in my annual Oscar pool (which was, at least, an improvement over my pitiful tally last year). As for the telecast, I was neither thrilled nor bored by it. I do miss the glorious Dorothy Chandler Pavillion, which I always felt was the definitive venue, but I adored the David Rockwell-designed set!  I understand Joanne Carson’s Oscar bash was one for the ages!  There was an ice sculpture in the shape of a film projector complete with a flickering light to simulate an actual projector … and somebody even spiked the punch!

Make New Tribes, But Keep The Old:

While Los Angeles spent Sunday prepping for the Oscars, New York was saying goodbye to the original, Tony-winning cast of Hair. The “tribe,” as they’ve come to be known, are headed to London to open the West End production so Sunday marked their final Broadway performance. The audience was in a state! There were a total of eleven standing ovations throughout the performance, which I think is a Broadway record (I counted ten when Judy Garland played the Palace, but I was on a heavy duty tranquilizer at the time following the death of my beloved Uncle Winston and I may have miscounted). Leading the standing ovations was none-other than Frank Langella, who leapt up so fast at one point I was concerned for his knees! My good buddy Michael Moore was also in the audience loving every minute (what’s not to love about Hair for that peacenik to end all peaceniks?). I spotted Broadway scene-stealer Rachelle Rak looking as stunning as ever in an outfit that showed off those legendary gams. Public Theater impresario Oskar Eustis looked downright presidential, hugging just about everyone in the audience. Hair director Diane Paulus was dancing in the aisles with her adorable young daughters, while James Rado and an unidentified friend were seated front and center in full hippie regalia, handing out love beads to appreciative fans as if he were on a Mardi Gras float. Producer Jeffrey Richards smiled broadly in the back of the house.

After the show (and all those ovations), I strong-armed my way backstage (the security at the Hirschfeld is tighter than LaGuardia) to witness a post-show celebration with the cast and crew, where the champagne was flowing like water … and the tears were flowing like champagne!

Tonight, the new tribe takes over and I’ll be there to see it all go down. Three words to keep in you in suspense for next week’s column: Hunky Ace Young!

“Love” Is All Around:

A fabulous new five-some (Jayne Houdyshell, Carol Kane, Didi Conn, Fran Drescher, and Natasha Lyonne) began performances at Love, Loss, and What I Wore. This show reopens every month, but I never get sick of attending the parties. Part of the reason each occasion feels special is the warmth and spirit of producer Daryl Roth, who entered the party talking about how much she adores this cast. Roth, who just recently opened the gay-themed play The Temperamentals (it’s a hit!), has such a fierce commitment to Off Broadway. As for the party, the cast seemed chummy, from what I could tell. I’ve always loved Fran Drescher because she knows how to work a red carpet, and boy did she give those lucky photographers some fabulous poses. Of course, all the chatter around the Sisters Ephron was about Meryl Streep’s Oscar chances for her delectable performance in Julie & Julia. As we all know now, Meryl didn’t take home the statuette, but she clearly won the hearts and minds of this particular crowd of first nighters.

After the Love, Loss, and What I Wore bash, I headed over to Birdland to catch pianist Monty Alexander’s 11pm. I adored every moment! The sound was very SoCal, and I felt right at home! We all know that Monty is a deity, but it was his guitarist, the divine Yotam Silberstein, that grabbed my attention and didn’t let go. A more talented (or adorable) musician I’ve ne’er seen!

A Silver Anniversary for a Reporter with a Heart of Gold:

I popped by Michael Musto’s 25th Anniversary Party to air kiss the man-of-the-hour and wish him luck on the next 25. One of my favorite ladies in the word, Joan Rivers, was playing host alongside Michael Urie. Public access siren Robin Byrd was onhand (fully clothed) as were Robert Verdi, Countess Luann deLesseps, and more drag queens than you could shake a feather boa at! What a hoot! It was one of the most memorable nights I’ve shared with Michael — and there have been so many, from the first time I met him, when I spilled the stickiest, orange-colored cocktail all over him at a party Debbie Harry threw at The Chelsea Hotel to weeping on his shoulder at the closing night of Studio 54 to huddling together under a flimsy, cheapo umbrella at that rainy Diana Ross concert in Central Park while we sang along to “Touch Me In The Morning” at the top of our lungs. Michael Musto has always seemed like the consummate New Yorker and whenever I see him at a party I know I’m in the right place!

Tidbits from around town:

Ran into Woody and Soon-Yi strolling along Madison sharing a gigantic frozen yogurt.

Shouted to Howard Stern, while he was jogging in Central Park, “So this is the secret to your trim frame?” to which he replied, breathlessly, “I have no secrets anymore.”

Caught a glimpse of Ed Burns out and about in Tribeca, enjoying the warm weather in a pair of chic madras shorts.

Introducing Timmy Blupe:

We are adding exciting new content to the O&M Co. blog, and I’ve brought on a sharp, eager young reporter to help me. His name is Timmy Blupe (pronounced blue-PAY), and he’s an absolute godsend when it comes to navigating the virtual jungle known as the World Wide Web! Please check out the first installment of his new weekly feature, “On The Couch with…,” where he’s delving deep into the minds of willing participants. On his couch this week is the legendary, handsome and charming John Pizzarelli. It’s an absolute hoot!

As always, a toast of something sparkling to you and yours!