Every day is opening night.



Ladies and gents,

I told you that last week my friend Beth finally motivated me to put pen to paper. Well this week, my motivating factor has been much more grim! I put the overwhelming bulk of my life savings into Imperial Sugar Company stock (IPSU) back in 2007, based on a tip from a childhood friend who dabbles in financial services (and also creates the most delightful paper-mâché animals). I realize, in hindsight, it may have been rather foolish to put my entire nest egg into IPSU, but you have to understand that in 2007 I was on Sugar Busters, which I believe seriously clouded, my judgment and made sugar seem like the most important commodity in the world. Well, Imperial Sugar shares have taken something of a nosedive in the last twenty-four hours and my financial wellbeing is now entirely at the mercy of my employer. So today’s column better be on time and fulfill the minimum word count stipulated in my contract!

Carrie reborn

This past Monday evening MCC hosted a sneak-peek presentation of their highly anticipated upcoming production of Carrie. Having seen all five performances the original Broadway production, you knew there was no way I was going to miss this! The Lucille Lortel Theatre was completely filled to the rafters for the presentation! I must say I’m somewhat reluctant to write about it, as MCC Artistic Director Bernie Telsey warned me that it was an “insider’s only” event and that blogging, tweeting, and/or shouting from rooftops was a serious no-no. So I’ll just stick to the basics:

The SRO crowd was rapt before the lights even went down. When the lights finally did dim, a cheer went up and a sizzling cast of youngsters took the stage to perform a revamped version of the famous opening number, “In.”

The show’s original creators (librettist Lawrence D. Cohen, composer Michael Gore, and lyricist Dean Pitchford) discussed how they came to be involved in the original production and told us all about how they’ve reconstructed the show along with cutting-edge director Stafford Arima. The updated version hews closer to the original source material: the Stephen King novel (as opposed to the film version).

Marin Mazzie will be pitch perfect as the domineering, evangelical mother Margaret White (if they are looking to stunt cast down the road, don’t be surprised if the name Michelle Bachman is floated), and Molly Ranson will be a revelation as the titular adolescent outcast. Both of these spectacular performers brought down the house with the climactic duet “Stay Here Instead.” It was the golden-throated Ms. Mazzie’s solo “When There is No One,” though, that capped the evening (and turned on the waterworks).

Well, Carrie will begin performances on January 31, and those of us whowere lucky enough to attend the presentation are counting the days!

A Playwright and His Muse

Charles Busch and Julie Halston are at it again!  Marking their 10th collaboration, Olive and the BItter Herbs is now playing at Primary Stages, and it’s a knee-slapping good time!  Julie is not only the world’s greatest intrepreter of that singular Buschian dialogue, but she is also his muse.  May they continue making us roll in hte aisles laughing for years to come!

Tidbits from around town…

Saw Candice Bergen trying out some very snazzy dance moves at the Bar Mitzvah of my attorney’s son. Congratulations Marshall: you’re a man, now!

Witnessed Joey Buttafuoco sneak a few almonds from the bulk food section of Whole Foods.

Overheard the doorman at the Greenwich Street Hotel bragging about an ongoing flirtation with Mary Kate Olsen, who has been in residence in one of their largest suites.

As always, a toast of something sparkling (I might suggest a white peach Bellini for this August weekend) to you and yours!