Every day is opening night.

“I Feel The Earth Move”

Ladies and gents,
I’ve been to Beautiful on Broadway so many times I know all the ushers by name, but I have never been there on a night when Carole King herself is in the house. So imagine my shock and delight when I wound up with a free night in Boston earlier this week and decided to check out the touring production of the hit show only to run smack into Ms. King herself huddled with friends in the lobby. I couldn’t resist striking up a conversation with the singing/songwriting goddess. “Carole, I thought the show was too painful for you to see?” “Oh Scoop, they’ve done such a tremendous job with this show that I feel more like its fan than its subject.” “Is it weird for you to see two members of the same family portray you on stage?” (The tour, for those of you who don’t know, stars Abby Mueller— sister of Jessie Mueller who won Tony Award for the same role.) “I don’t know that yet. The show hasn’t started.” Fair point, Carole. Fair point. Well from my point of view, getting to see Abby play the role her sister originated only served to deepen the experience for me. I haven’t seen such a talented group of performing siblings since the Andrews Sisters.
Tidbits from around town…
Overheard Jon Hamm telling David Schwimmer he was “blown away” by a recent performance of The Humans, as Joey Slotnick just stood there shell shocked, outside the Laura Pels Theatre. 
Saw the great Allison Janney strolling down Broadway, eating a soft pretzel, just like a townsperson. 
Watched Jean Doumanian and Jacqui Safra greeting guests, including Brigitte Lacombe, Gregory Mosher, and (of course) Peggy Siegalat Dean Kamen’s First Inspire Celebration. 
Witnessed Eclipsed star Lupita Nyong’o dive to catch a tray of beverages that a waitress had lost control of at Asia de Cuba. Not a drop was spilled.
Spotted Ruth Wilson posing gamely with hunky English guards that peppered the red carpet at the opening night of King Charles III.
Caught the Lord himself, Michael Flatley, standing on West 42nd Street, looking up at his giant marquee above the Lyric Theatre in wonderment.
As always a toast of something sparkling to you and yours!