Every day is opening night.

“I’d Give it All for You”

Ladies and gents,

It’s December and you are stressed. Your social calendar is jammed, and you still haven’t had a moment to do your holiday shopping. Well, fret not, loyal readers! You’ve stumbled upon my annual gift guide, designed to ease your troubles and delight your loved ones.

Goldstar Gift Card

Giving the gift of live entertainment has always been tricky. Who wouldn’t love a pair of prime orchestra seats to a hot Broadway show or tickets to an exciting New York Knickerbockers match? But dropping coin on tickets requires a massive act of faith or intimate knowledge of the recipients schedule. Goldstar has solved that little problem. With a Goldstar Gift Card, the giver picks the event and
the receiver picks the date and time. ‘Tis the season to be flexible! Visit for details. http://www.goldstar.com

Hello Kitty Merchandise

Forget 34th Street. The real miracle is the Sanrio store on 42nd! The good people behind the Hello Kitty phenomenon are at the top of their game and are cranking out merchandise for all ages and genders. It is one stop shopping for the quirky set. A tech lover on your list? How about a Hello Kitty iPhone case? A toddler? Grab an adorable and comforting stuffed animal. A design snob? Hello Kitty wall tiles are all the rage. And even the most hardened fashionista will get a kick out of red leather Hello Kitty shoulder bag. Hello Kitty,
goodbye December doldrums!


In this column, I usually favor a champagne crate to a soap box, but let me get political for one moment. The Human Rights Campaign has released a very chic t-shirt with the slogan “Love Conquers Hate” translated into Russian (fact checkers: I can’t read Russian, so I’m just taking their word for it). 100% of the proceeds will benefit LGBT advocates in Russia. What better message to send as we approach a Winter Olympics set against the backdrop of Putin’s draconian policies of discrimination? You can find the item at this link:http://shop.hrc.org/clothing/tees/love-conquers-hate-russian-t-shirt.html

Remember that gifts say more about the giver than the receiver, so choose wisely or else!

Tidbits from around town…

Spotted … SPIDER-MAN Turn Off The Dark star Justin Matthew Sargent quietly admiring the tree at Rockefeller Center.

Overheard … producers Suzie Dietz and Ruth Hendel arguing over which city has the best junk food: Philly, Buffalo, or Pittsburgh.

Witnessed … Marsha Mason showing friends the Amsterdam Avenue location of The Goodbye Girl apartment.

As always, a toast of something sparkling to you and yours!