Every day is opening night.

John Glover

Known for his roles in “Smallville,” Batman and Robin, and Gremlins 2, John Glover is used to playing 'the bad guy'. Taking a different approach to the typical villian, John can now be seen in The Atmosphere of Memory, currently playing at The Bank Street Theater (155 Bank Street) until November 20. Read on to see what the Tony and Drama Desk Award-winning actor had to say when we got him on the couch!

Q: What do you consider to be your best asset?
I've got a really good head of hair.

Q: What was your proudest moment?
One moment of pride that's the ultimate? that's a tough one to answer

Q: What is your favorite drink?
A glass of fine red wine with friends after a performance that has gone particularly well.

Q: What is your favorite food?
There are so many but I usually start the day with a bowl of steel-cut oat meal cooked slowly on a double-boiler and filled with fresh fruit and nuts.

Q: What is your favorite condiment?
I've just discovered coconut oil…which I put in my oat meal. You also use it on your skin AND in your hair. A new “wonder” condiment.

Q: What is your current obsession?
Playing on stage with Ellen Burstyn…imagine that Hedda!

Q: If you could give up one of your vices, what would it be?
How can I choose only one?!

Q: What is the one professional accomplishment you long for most?
To always enjoy my work.

Q: What is the one thing you waste too much money on?

Q: What is the one activity you waste too much time doing?
Sitting at this damn computer.

Q: What do you consider to be the single greatest threat to your health?
My vices

Q: What is the single best trait you inherited or learned from your parents?
A sense of humor.

Q: What is the single worst trait you inherited or learned from your parents?
Believing them when they told me I couldn't sing…and I love musicals sooooooooo much!

Q: What in the world most thrills you?
Seeing a great performance on the stage

Q: What current trend in popular culture most irritates you?
Gossip on the internet

Q: What was the single most embarrassing moment you've ever experienced on the job?
During rehearsal for The Royal Family after taking too big of a bite of cake having Rosemary Harris look up at me and reply “Say pussy”.

Q: What is your favorite place in the world?
My home on top of the mountain

Q: What is the most important trait you seek in a romantic partner?

Q: Do you prefer the company of dogs or cats?
DOGS…I miss having dogs.

Q: What would have to happen to make today the best day of your life?
I TRY to make everyday the best yet…and to have a good time trying.

Q: What is your personal motto?
Right now I'm looking at “attitude monitors talent”…my teacher, Milton Katselas used to say that to me.