Every day is opening night.

Josh Breckenridge

Josh Breckenridge, while in the deep depths of tech rehearsals at the James Earl Jones managed to come On The Couch with us this week. The Heart of Rock and Roll features the catalogue of 80s hit band, Huey Lewis and The News and Josh plays the up-tight, career focused, questionably lovable, Wyatt. Breckenridge is no stranger to the Broadway Stage, having completed lengthy runs in Come From Away and The Scottsboro Boys. His National Tour credits, including The Book of Mormon and Into The Woods, helped to create one of his most embarrassing moments, which you can read more below! Finally, it seems that we will all also be joining Josh on May 31 for the release of Ben Platt’s new album “Honeymind”…

What do you consider to be your best asset? 

What was your proudest moment? 
Joe Montello telling me in the audition room that I got the job; my Broadway debut.

What is your favorite drink? 
Ginger ale

What is your favorite food?

What is your favorite condiment?

What is your current obsession? 
Ben Platt albums

If you could give up one of your vices, what would it be?
Ice Cream…that would help considering i’m Lactose intolerant

What is the one professional accomplishment you long for most?

What is the one thing you waste too much money on?
The storage unit I rarely touch

What is the one activity you waste too much time doing?
Scrolling on IG

What do you consider to be the single greatest threat to your health? 

What’s the single best trait you inherited or learned from your parents?
When to speak up, when to stay silent

What’s the single worst trait you inherited or learned from your parents?
Depression AND Anxiety lol

What in the world most thrills you?

What current trend in popular culture most irritates you?
Vocal fry

What was the most embarrassing moment you’ve ever experienced on the job?
Getting locked in a stairwell on tour with The Book of Mormon (the first time the dead donkey never made a cross from SL to SR).

What is your favorite place in the world?
I’ve yet to find it….however New England in general in the fall is pretty stunning

What is the most important trait you seek in a romantic partner? 

Do you prefer the company of dogs or cats?

What would have to happen to make today the best day of your life? 
Agent: “Josh…you booked the lead in a feature film!”

What is your personal motto?
Yes I can