Every day is opening night.

Justin Matthew Sargent at UFT

This week, Spider-Man was in full force on the streets of New York City – doing all the things a superhero should do. Slinging his Spidey web from the Foxwoods on 42nd to the United Federation of Teachers, Justin Matthew Sargent, along with co-stars Rebecca Faulkenberry and Julius Carter, filmed a CBS anti-bullying PSA for the BRAVE Hotline, a help line for NY students who are being bullied at their schools. Sargent, who recently replaced Reeve Carney as the head honcho in Spider-man: Turn of the Dark, did not waste any time fulfilling his duties as the protector of justice and goodwill. And on top of bringing down the house every night on Broadway, he’s quite a busy man! Keep up the good work, Justin. We’re all very proud of you here at O&M!