Every day is opening night.

“Make Them Hear You”

Ladies and gents,

My loyal readers are well aware that I’m rooting for Lincoln on Sunday (it seems I tend to root for Democrats on Tuesdays and Republicans on Sundays), but what they may be surprised to know is that I plan on viewing at home, in bed, with my terrier. I am so sick of elaborate Oscar parties where the din is so loud that you can’t hear the speeches. Though, I do plan on turning out to support my old friend Lyss Stern and her Diva Moms at the 1st Annual Pre Oscar Party at Red Carpet Kids on Saturday afternoon. My relationship with youngsters has always been rather hit-or-miss, but who could resist the vista of a gaggle of children sporting black tie posing for photographers on a red carpet? I ask again, who could resist? Who? Tell me. Who?

Speaking of red carpet, MCC Theater delivered a starry opening night for their new red hot drama Really Really. I spotted Ben Stiller, Kim Cattrall, David Mamet, and Kathleen Turner amongst the famous-faced crowd that came to cheer on the baby-faced cast. The after party venue was the sleek, subterranean West Village nightspot 49 Grove, but it seemed to me that a kegger-themed event would have been more thematically appropriate for the campus-set play. Even without the help of a keg, I heard much slurred speech by the time I finally stumbled up the stairs back up to street level. I just hope nobody did anything they don’t remember.

Tidbits from around town…

Spotted the likes of Billy Porter, Andy Mientus, Jeremy Jordan, Ashley Spencer, Krysta Rodriguez, John
Cameron Mitchell
, and Gideon Glick at the star-studded Ragtime concert. (I won’t tell you which person on that list was openly sobbing during “Make Them Hear You.”)

Caught Jesse Eisenberg outside the Lortel Theatre suffering from a violent sneezing fit. Moments later, Dr. Barry Kohn arrived on the scene, as if magnetically drawn to ailing thesps.

Witnessed Moisés Kaufman seated next to an actual dog (a black short haired Chihuahua, if it matters) at The Laramie Project last night at BAM. Thankfully he isn’t allergic … or else Dr. Barry would have had to schlep to Brooklyn!

Finally, I want to wish a speedy recovery to the great Lily Sanders, who is under the knife today. I have no doubt she’ll be back on her paws in no time!

As always, a toast of something sparkling to you and yours!