Every day is opening night.

“Mama, I’m a Big Girl Now”

Rihanna cozies up to some men she can trust: the Blue Men.
Ladies and gents,

On its best day, New York City is a stressful place to live, but when things go awry it can be downright brutal. So in Sandy’s aftermath, an epidemic has swept the isle of Manhattan and I am one of its many hapless victims.  I am speaking about storm-related weight gain.  The New York Times has dubbed it “The Sandy Five,” but in my case it’s “The Sandy Nine” because I’ve gained exactly 8 lbs., 5 oz. since the superstorm first made landfall (I always round up).  It started at Fairway, when I took “hurricane preparedness” to mean “COOKIE AISLE!” and has now progressed into a daily cocktail of baked goods, blended scotch, and anti-anxiety medication.  The disturbing part is that my story is not unique.  No, I as I’ve made my usual rounds around town I’ve noticed that many familiar faces are suddenly rounder than I remember them.  But my lower Manhattan dwelling is apparently reopening this weekend, so my multi-week binge must come to an end (and perhaps I’ll even tug on the old ergometer for a few minutes).

Well, my perpetual sugar high helped motivate me to drag my fat ass to the opening night of Emotional Creature.  As you know, I had already seen the show but I simply couldn’t pass up the chance to view it in the company of both Eve Ensler(its scribe), and Gloria Steinem.  Experiencing a show about what it means to be a girl alongside two people who have defined what it means to be a woman was nothing short of thrilling.  Other fierce females in attendance included Christine Latti, Diane Paulus, and LaChanze.  And these ladies must have been comfortably situated uptown during the storm because they all look fabulous in their First Night attire!

The only better refuge from the storm than uptown Manhattan was Los Angeles, California – apparently.  Someone sent me a snapshot from backstage at “Ellen” with a teensy-looking Rihanna posing with the Blue Men from Blue Man Group. I’m told after her interview she spotted the Blue Men and rushed over to them to grab a shot.  Now, had I been there I’d have asked the pop star to settle a bet for me but, alas, I wasn’t.  So I’m asking all of you to help me with this: is the “h” in Rihanna silent?  Not to sway you, dear readers, but if the “h” is pronounced I win a $500 gift card to Nordstrom.  Email me at scoop@oandmco.com to weigh in.

Tidbits from around town:

Caught “Mad Men’s” resident silver fox, John Slattery, seated in an exit row on a Virgin America flight from New York to Los Angeles talking into his cell phone about “trying to open a PDF” whilst trying to look incognito in an oversized sun hat.

Overheard Loretta Swit complaining about the variety of vegetable choices at Bond 45. (They were out of eggplant, which she apparently “lives for.”)

Spotted Sherie Rene Scott schmoozing with Brooke Shields at the Café Carlyle waiting for John Pizzarelli and Jessica Molaskey to take the stage.

And a big, heartfelt “PHEW!” goes out to the great Henry Edwards, who is resting comfortably after his long awaited kidney transplant.  The operation was a giant success, he is in great spirits, and the only downside was that he had to cancel his press tickets to Forever Dusty.

As always, a toast of something sparkling to you and yours!