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Mamie Parris

Mamie Parris

To start off the New Year, we’re rockin’ and rollin’ back a couple of years with School of Rock – The Musical’s very own Mamie Parris and rerunning her answers from 2016. At the time, Mamie was starring as the iconic Grizabella in CATS (Andrew Lloyd Webber seems to be a favorite of hers, huh?). Speaking of School of Rock, you only have a little under two weeks to see the show (and Mamie as Rosalie Mullins!) before the band (sadly) plays one last time. Without further ado, we bring you the amazingly talented Mamie Parris On The Couch!

What do you consider to be your best asset?
Empathy. Probably why I’m an actor.

What was your proudest moment?
Reaching my target credit score. I will also feel very accomplished when I finish this quiz. It is surprisingly deep.

What is your favorite drink?
Root beer.

What is your favorite food?
Chicago-style pizza (Sorry, NYC!)

What is your favorite condiment?
This organic garlic Caesar dressing I get from FreshDirect. Don’t remember the brand. Ohmygod it’s good on anything.

What is your current obsession?
I’m binge watching “Transparent.” It’s a love/hate relationship. Also, I’m currently borderline obsessed with finding some damn 3 and a half inch cabinet hardware for our new kitchen. How is it that no one makes attractive 3 and a half inch drawer pulls. I MEAN COME ON.

If you could give up one of your vices, what would it be?
I have no vices. I am basically a saint.

What is the one professional accomplishment you long for most?
I’ve never felt like I was in “the club”. At this point in my career, I no longer aspire to be. Now I’m gonna start my own club and only invite the nice people, so, you know, be on your best behavior.

What is the one thing you waste too much money on?
Food. I eat out too much. I’m not one of those people that meal plans.

What is the one activity you waste too much time doing?
Looking at my phone. We all have to look up. It’s bad.

What do you consider to be the single greatest threat to your health?
Being in the subway when school gets out. I swear I can actually hear my blood pressure rise. Sidebar: I’m
worried for our future.

What is the single best trait you inherited or learned from your parents?
Kindness and compassion.

What is the single worst trait you inherited or learned from your parents?
None. They were basically saints.

What in the world most thrills you?
Sitting in a darkened theatre right before the curtain rises.

What current trend in popular culture most irritates you?
The ecstatic narcissism of fake fame. Social media has spawned a new kind of disingenuousness. Also, the “dab”. Why does everyone want to look like they’re sneezing?

What was the single most embarrassing moment you’ve ever experienced on the job?

When I was twelve I had to stage-kiss a boy before I’d ever real-kissed a boy. TERROR. Does that count?

What is your favorite place in the world?
My bed. With my husband and dog.

What is the most important trait you seek in a romantic partner?
Kindness and sincerity. Just kidding, MONEY.

Do you prefer the company of dogs or cats?
I LOVE dogs, but I do get the cat thing. They are mystical and ancient. They’re so different…

What would have to happen to make today the best day of your life?
Improbable: winning the lottery. Beyond improbable: Having my parents back.

What is your personal motto?
Don’t sweat the small stuff… and it’s all small stuff.