Every day is opening night.


Ladies and gents,

I type this with newsprint-stained fingertips, as I’ve been elbow deep in this coming Sunday’s New York Times Fall Preview. You poor suckers have to wait until the weekend to delve in, but I was hand-delivered an advance copy. Oh, is there anything more glamorous than early access? Not unlike the Super Bowl, the best part is often the advertisements, and this issue does not disappoint. The section opens with page after pristine page of ads for Scott Rudin‘s current and future shows. He manages to outdo himself each season, and it’s a sight to behold. I spent so much time digesting the ads, that I didn’t even get to the editorial. I’m saving that for Sunday morning, when I’ll pour myself a coffee and Frangelico, light the first fire of the fall season, and dig in. (Okay, full disclosure: my apartment lacks a fireplace, but I will light the first Diptyque candle of the fall season.) When I finish with the paper, I’ll watch CBS “Sunday Morning” (for more theatrical advertising). Well, a friend of mine from the company of Love Never Dies sent me a few unauthorized photos from rehearsal, and — at risk of sounding like a dirty old so-and-so — it’s the most attractive cast I’ve seen in ages! I might have to hit the road and follow this tour around like a groupie, like I did back in the 60’s! Oh to be young again. Love might not die, but looks sure do fade.

Speaking of hitting the road, if you are in the path of one of the numerous superstorms plaguing our shores, please get to safety as quickly as possible. I know evacuating isn’t easy, but as someone who was visiting friends in Palm Beach during Tropical Storm Ernesto, I know just how terrifying extreme weather can be. Terry Allen Kramer, who knows Palm Beach like the back of her hand, kept telling us to get out, but we had a fridge full of fresh seafood and a cooler full of champagne, and it just seemed so silly to leave all that behind and sit in traffic. Well, next thing we knew the swimming pool overflowed and a tree nearly landed on the roof! It was one of the worst night’s sleeps of my entire life. Do yourselves a favor: leave the seafood and go.

Tidbits from around summer towns…

Spotted Olivia Munn and Trevor Noah dining with friends at Locanda Verde.

Overheard a wild-eyed terrier barking incessantly at downtown dad Liev Schreiber, until Liev finally replied, “Alright, buddy, I heard ya!” The dog kept right along barking.

Caught financial guru Jim Cramer riding shotgun in an Uber Pool.

As always, a toast of something sparkling to you and yours!


Scoop V.