Every day is opening night.

“My Favorite Things”

Ladies and gents,

I tuned into “Morning Joe” the other day just in time to catch Jordan Roth unveil a few year-end Top 10 lists on his new social network: Culturalist.com. A lively conversation about the year’s best political controversies, the year’s best and worst people, and current pop culture obsessions ensued. Well, we columnists never pass up the opportunity to opine, so I decided to log in and weigh in on the conversation. I’m afraid I’m hooked! Check out my first list:


My favorite thing about the site is getting to choose the media that accompanies each item – photos or videos. I felt like a magazine editor! It couldn’t have been more fun.

Finally, I want to thank all of my colleagues, friends and loyal readers for the abundance of holiday gifts I’ve been receiving! It seems that the umbrella has replaced the ubiquitous popcorn tin as the go-to gift for people you don’t know all that well. I must have gotten more than a dozen – which just might come in handy as I tend to leave them in the back of taxicabs on regular basis. As much as I like staying dry, I propose cashmere sweaters as the “it” gift of 2014!

Tidbits from around town…

Spotted … Michael J. Fox leading the standing ovation at Kinky Boots.

Overheard … singer/songwriter Sara Bareilles alerting her security to an overly excited blond audience member at her recent Irving Plaza show.

Saw … Penny Marshall at Beautiful, singing along to some of the Carole King tunes, seated directly next to Kathleen Marshall (no relation, as far as I know).

As always, a toast of something sparkling to you and yours!