Every day is opening night.

“Put on Your Sunday Clothes”

I’m sorry there was no column last week. By way of explanation, very early morning on Tuesday, January 19, I was awoken by all matter of persistent noise-making from my fax machine. Bleary-eyed, I flip on the lights, stumbled to my desk, feel around for my reading glasses, and read the hand-scrawled missive that has just printed:


BIG NEWS: in a few hours, the Associated Press is set to break the news that Scott Rudin is reviving Hello, Dolly! on Broadway next season, and Bette Midler is starring. Zaks directing. Carlyle will choreograph. All this from a very, very solid source. If you can get something online now, you’ll have the scoop of your life. And let’s face it, you haven’t had a proper exclusive in about three decades.

You’re welcome.


An Old Friend

The next thing I remember it was the next Wednesday afternoon – and not Wednesday, January 20, mind you, I’m talking the 27th — and I was lying on the floor, clutching the fax in one hand and my telephone receiver in the other. I must have lost consciousness in all the excitement. The news of my favorite star playing my favorite role in my favorite show was enough to induce a mini coma! Needless to say, Mark Kennedy at the AP beat me to the story by about eight days – a veritable lifetime in the digital age.

So, do I feel like a loser? Hell no! Knowing that in a year’s time I am going to be sitting in a darkened theater as that Jerry Herman overture starts to play, anticipating the entrance of The Divine Miss M, I feel like I just won the Power Ball!

Tidbits from around town…

Marveled at Joe Mantello hoofing it from rehearsal at The Humans at the Helen Hayes Theatre, down 44th Street to rehearsal of Blackbird at The Belasco Theatre. Not since Cynthia Nixon in Hurlyburly and The Real Thing!

Spotted Rooney Mara, star of Hollywood’s reigning sapphic screen smash Carol, attending Broadway’s reigning sapphic stage smash, Fun Home.

Overheard Cindy Adams telling a friend that, on a recent tour of the Ambassador Theatre Group’s about-to-be-reopened Hudson Theatre she encountered a ghost living in an abandoned refrigerator in the attic.

As always, a toast of something sparkling to you and yours!