Every day is opening night.

“Speak Low”


Ladies and gents,

The Daily Bugle

Well, I have had an eventful morning. My phone has been ringing off the hook ever since today’s issue of Metro hit the stands at the crack of dawn. Metro is a free, New York City daily paper, apparently aimed at people who commute via the underground. It turns out that SPIDER-MAN Turn Off The Dark put together what I must admit is a very eye-catching and clever 4-page advertisement that turned Metro into “The Daily Bugle” (the fictional newspaper that Peter Parker works at in Spidey lore). Well, this Daily Bugle spread includes a gossip column with a very familiar byline: mine! Yes, that’s right, the column is called “The Scoop” and it’s supposedly written by “Scoop Verbena, New York’s Most Feared Gossip Monger.” Listen here, my dear loyal readers: I had nothing to do with this, nor was I given any advanced warning. They did a pretty good job replicating my style, but I do take slight offense at being labeled as “New York’s Most Feared Gossip Monger.” I consider myself a cheerleader, not a gossip monger. And I like to think of myself as beloved, not feared! Well, what is it they say? Mockery is the sincerest form of flattery.  And, I must admit that it is a thrill to see my name back in print.  Here’s to old media!

Musings from The Wing

Aside from myself, my favorite theater blogger has become Howard Sherman, Executive Director of the American Theatre Wing. The Wing, as we all know (or ought to know) by now, boasts a remarkable amount of theater-related online content. Oh, and they give it away free of charge ensuring that burgeoning theater lovers from Buffalo to Boise and beyond have access to this bounty of Broadway booty. Well, in addition to all of this, Howard is now blogging each week on various theater-related topics (everything from TV’s “Glee” to theatrical marketing ploys). This week he has, in a two-part blog post, offered up a list of films that every theater-lover should know. And, just to keep things interesting, he claims to have left off a few key titles to urge his readers to comment with their own ideas. Well, I’ve wracked my brain trying to come up with a title or two to add to the dialogue, but to no avail. His list is pretty comprehensive, and my favorites are on there. I challenge you, my readers, to read over his list at http://americantheatrewing.org/blog/ and add your own. See if you can stump Howard, who is a veritable encyclopedia for all-things Broadway!

Tidbits from around town:

Spotted bespectacled marketing guru Len Gill at Orso, seated nearby Michael J. Fox and Jennifer Grey, the day after Grey’s triumphant victory on “Dancing with the Stars.”

Saw Carlyle Hotel bigwig Erich Steinbock and his lovely wife, Mrs. Steinbock, seated ringside at Chita Rivera‘s late show at Birdland on Saturday.

Witnessed that irascible downtown comedienne (and current Broadway Baby) Jackie Hoffman getting accosted by a group of rowdy NYU students outside of Joe’s Pub following a performance of her new show JACKIE FIVE-OH!  Hoffman just looked at her friend and deadpanned, “See, this is why they had to ban Four Loko.”

As always, a toast of something sparkling to you and yours!