Every day is opening night.


Ladies and gents,

I’m just back from the belly of the beast: Washington, D.C. Why was I there? To hear the official word about the state of our disunion from the captain of the sinking ship himself. Yes, there I was, in the actual chamber, as an invited guest of the great Carole Shorenstein Hays, who was a guest of none other than Madame Speaker herself. I didn’t miss a moment as the Commander-In-Cheese left no reality show tropes unexploited for 80 straight minutes of mind-numbing stumping. I saw the handshake snub, I heard the rally-like chanting, and I saw the paper tear heard round the world. The low point? Rush Limbaugh really overplaying that fake surprise at his Medal — word of which had leaked long before the motorcade arrived on Capitol Hill. But still, he felt the need to feign shock and play it to the back row. I saw subtler acting choices in my nephew’s middle school production of Grease!

After the speech was delivered (and shredded), I needed a very stiff drink. I decided to test the limits of the Emoluments Clause and duck into the Trump Hotel bar. Well, that was a mistake I should have seen coming. I haven’t witnessed so many rowdy drunkards in bright red caps since … well, since last week when the Chiefs won the Super Bowl. So, back to my room at the Mandarin Oriental and its fully stocked minibar.

Next up on my travel itinerary? I’m returning to Dear Evan Hansen to see newbie Jordan Fisher take on the titular role. I can’t wait to take part in a standing ovation that was actually earned. If there was ever a moment to bask in the powers and the pleasures of the live theater, it’s right now. In the darkest of times, may our artists lead us to lightness.
Tidbits from around town…

Spotted Faith Hill browsing the selection of chocolate bars at CIBO Express at the JetBlue terminal at LaGuardia.

Caught Tamsen Fadal, host and producer of “Broadway Profiles,” signing an autograph for a fan on West 47th Street.

Overheard Kerry Washington talking about how many Instagram accounts there are devoted just to her feet. (And I can’t even get verified!)

As always, a toast of something sparkling to you and yours!