Every day is opening night.

The Man Behind Many Curtains

Douglas McGrath may be the co-writer for the movie, Bullets over Broadway, but he needs no mob boss or zany actress to get his work seen on the Great White Way. Earlier this year, McGrath wrote the book for the now hit show, Beautiful – The Carole King Musical. Last night, McGrath was sitting comfortably in the orchestra of the St. James to watch his hit film (which he wrote with Woody Allen) come to life on the stage. It seems like Mr. McGrath has quite a knack for the period piece . The mob-run streets of 1920’s New York, the soulful sounds of 1650 Broadway (The Un-Brill Building) in the 1960’s – it seems there’s no era McGrath can’t tackle. We can’t wait to see what this man does next. In the meantime, go to his shows! But when the lights go down and the curtain goes up, remember: Don’t speak!