Every day is opening night.

“The Mirror”

Ladies and gents,

I had planned to hold off on purchasing my Hello, Dolly! tickets because my spring travel plans are still undetermined (and, truth be told, I am still DYING to know who they are going to cast as Minnie Fay), but I could resist no longer. Reports of broken box office records were spreading like a venereal disease up and down the rialto by early afternoon on Saturday, and I just called up and grabbed two prime mezzanine seats for a late preview. Among the rumors I heard: A soft-spoken gentleman had spent so much energy and time trying to get through to telecharge that morning that when the sales rep finally confirmed his single ticket, he burst out in sobs. The kindly operator didn’t get off the phone until she had sufficiently talked him down. A group of die-hard super fans are plotting a movement to get Bette Midler’s face on the $10 bill. A high powered advertising executive with a healthy media presence offered a certain design team members a new car for tickets to opening night. In the meantime, I’ve been trying desperately to reach my old friend Carol Channing to get her reaction to all the hubbub since tickets went on sale, but apparently she has already given an exclusive reaction to another outlet and didn’t feel right going on the record with me. Harrumph! Mamie Parris, who I’ve covered extensively in this column for her turn in School of Rock, is jumping from one Andrew Lloyd Webber hit to another when she takes over the role of Grizabella in CATS from the luminous Leona Lewis. Ah, the glamour cat to whom the ravages of time have been most unkind. (I think of her whenever I glance in a mirror! Touch me! Anyone? Please?) Well, the original Griz, Betty Buckley herself, is attending the show on Monday and she will be feted by the cast at a special post performance party. (I hear Betty Buckley fanatic John Barlow just may be making a rare trip to Times Square to join in the celebration).

Tidbits from around town (44th Street, to be more specific)…

Overheard Michael Riedel talking about Garth Drabinsky at Sardi’s. Shan’t repeat more.

Spotted Becky Ann Baker cheering on hubby Dylan Baker at the first preview of The Front Page.

Saw Beth Du Mont break down in tears outside Sammy’s House of BBQ after getting into a screaming match with the hostess. Poor dear hadn’t heard Angus McIndoe is no more. Well, today is her birthday and I’m thinking about her!

As always, a toast of something sparkling to you and yours!