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Todaytix Launches in London’s West End


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London, UK (June 1, 2015) – Just 17 months after launching its first-of-its-kind mobile-only theater ticket purchasing platform in New York, TodayTix brings its easy-to-use ticket app to London’s West End. Harnessing the growing movement towards spontaneous bookings, TodayTix provides customers with a simple, easy, and fast-tracked process for buying tickets to the West End’s hottest shows. With tickets being available for the week ahead and up to an hour before showtime, TodayTix will completely change the way you buy tickets.

Founded by award-winning Broadway and West End producers/investors, Merritt Baer and Brian Fenty, TodayTix capitalizes on the ever-growing demand for on-demand ticket sales.

“London’s West End is synonymous with theatre and we are ecstatic to be able to offer a service that makes theatre more accessible than ever,” said co-founders Fenty and Baer. “UK mobile commerce revenue is expected to grow by over 70% in 2015 and it is thrilling to be a part of that. Mobile is no longer the future; it’s now.”

Approximately 20% of theatre tickets go unsold on Broadway and nearly 30% unsold in London each year. It’s that gap that inspired TodayTix to create a meaningful bridge by offering users the unique ability to browse a wide range of West End shows, selecting from a wider range of parameters such as best price, genre and location for an easy and positive West End ticket buying experience.

Purchases can be made using the TodayTix app in 30 seconds or less making theatre more accessible than ever. The TodayTix interface is unique in its sleek and easy-to-use design that, unlike traditional ticket-buying platforms, will fit into your busy lifestyle. With the ability to purchase tickets within the week, up to one hour before showtime, TodayTix caters to the spontaneous ticket buyer, unlocking a new generation of theatre-going audiences.

With TodayTix’s international expansion into the UK, the app now operates in the world’s two most iconic theatre districts, London’s West End and New York’s Broadway, offering both local and travelling theatre fans access to some of the most celebrated global theatrical productions.

With the UK mobile commerce spend growing year on year, TodayTix follows a reasonable, simple premise of taking an outdated process and streamlining it by using a small device that fits in your pocket. This premise, in combination with their specific ticket-buying process, has resulted in connecting with new and younger audiences more easily and more frequently, whilst also maintaining existing ones.

The TodayTix app is available for download free of charge for iOS and Android devices via the Apple Store and Google Play.

TodayTix is an innovative new app service that provides customers with insider access to last-minute theatre tickets for the West End’s hottest shows, right from their mobile device.

Life-long friends and Broadway producers Merritt Baer and Brian Fenty originally met a theatre camp during their childhood. They co-founded TodayTix in 2012 and launched the app in New York in late 2013. In December 2014, TodayTix won the award for Best Lifestyle App at the UK government GREAT Tech Awards. The award was presented by HRH Duke of Cambridge and rewards US technology companies looking to expand their business into the UK, providing key connections and resources to make the process easier than ever.