Every day is opening night.

“Two By Two”

Ladies and gents,

In my day, there were actresses and there was Geraldine Page. She racked up awards nominations like I rack up credit card debt. She was Meryl before Meryl was Meryl. I adored her.

Earlier this week I slipped into Dixon Place to catch her daughter Angelica Page’s uncanny portrayal of her iconic mother at the opening night of her snappily titled solo show, Turning Page.

Even for me, who covered the life and career of Geraldine extensively, Turning Page is filled with fascinating tidbits, from her friendship with Miles Davis to her affair with James Dean. (I guess it was during one of his hetero phases.)

After the show, we retired to Freemans for a discrete opening night party. My fellow mud-slinger Michael Musto was there, and he posted that there has never been a greater Tennessee Williams interpreter than Geraldine in Sweet Bird of Youth and Summer and Smoke. I said, “Michael, I’m guessing you haven’t seen Sally Field and Joe Mantello in The Glass Menagerie yet.” “I haven’t. I’m going next week.” “Well, Michael, call me afterward!”

Tidbits from around town…

Spotted Hello, Dolly! star Gavin Creel walking down 8th Avenue lugging a very flamboyant chair.

Overheard the booming laugh of Kevin Kline, as he strolled out of the St. James stage door alongside his Present Laughter co-star Kristine Nielsen.

Saw Lisa Kudrow at Steak ‘n’ Shake.

Caught Ian Mohr at JFK carrying a Hello, Kitty neck pillow, returning from Oscars.

Witnessed Brenda Vaccaro being mobbed by fans at Sunday in the Park.

As always, a toast of something sparkling to you and yours!