Every day is opening night.


Dear visitor,

We are delighted to share the new O&M Co. website with you. As a member of the media, you’ll be able to access information, photos, releases and more, on your very own. And for you culture fans, there will always be interesting content, including a regular column from our very own Scoop Verbena about all the fabulous goings-on about town.

O&M Co. really covers ground — from theater (in parks, On, Off, Off Off Broadway, downtown, uptown, in other states, and in some very non-traditional and legendary places) to sumptuous events, legendary jazz, exhibitions, and evenings of all varieties, and so much more. We are thrilled to have this virtual home to share the details on all of our various projects with you.

Please visit often, use this site as a resource, and follow us on twitter! And thanks for visiting.


Rick Miramontez