Every day is opening night.

“Who Could Ask for Anything More?”

Mayor Mike Bloomberg with his unlikely costars Diana DeGarmo, The Situation, Snooki, Ace Young and Kyle Riabko.


Ladies and Gents,

Another whirlwind of a week in Scoopland!

Ab-solutely Fabulous

I spent Saturday night at that well publicized and oh-so-odd New York tradition, the Mayor’s “Inner Circle Dinner.” The highlight is always the Mayoral performance—generally a wild, self-deprecating romp of some kind or another. Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani caused a splash one year when he appeared in drag (a move that later haunted his presidential bid when he was being criticized as too socially liberal by many conservatives). This year Mayor Mike Bloomberg parodied Hair with a skit called “Mair.” Bloomberg starred as an aging hippie, alongside the entire Broadway cast of Hair and a couple of kids from MTV’s “Jersey Shore” improbably named Snooki and The Situation. I don’t have to tell you it was an absolute hoot. (Or, should I say an ABS-solute hoot— backstage The Situation and Ace Young asked me to feel their stomachs and tell them my preference. I nearly spit up my champagne I was so nervous, but I did as was asked of me and have my honest answer: “I prefer whomever lets me keep my hand on him the longest!” The Situation won hands down…er, hands on.)

Everyone was, naturally, dressed to the tens, and I spotted some of my favorite folks scattered around The Hilton ballroom, including WNBC’s Susan Sullivan (who migrated to NYC from the West Coast — just like yours truly), The Public Theater’s Andy Hamingson, NY1’s Doris Bergman, Howard Wolfson (who made a cameo in the “Mair” skit), and that ultimate New York character, the Mayor’s press secretary, Stu Loeser.

A Homecoming for Harvey

Harvey Fierstein is back home on a brief break from Fiddler on the Roof for Passover (only Fiddler breaks for Passover). I am taking him back to Michael’s later this week to catch up (he’s making me call ahead to arrange an “unleavened bread basket”). I’m dying to hear all about the upcoming La Cage aux Folles revival, which one of my all time favorite producers, Fran Weissler, tells me is a breathtaking production (and she should know what it takes to put on a hit revival)!  I, for one, can’t wait!

Harvey’s Fiddler tour is making its way to DC on April 13 and I’ve already booked my Amtrak ticket!

Cause for Celebration

Congrats to Daryl Roth, Nora Ephron, Delia Ephron and all the rotating stars who have made Love, Loss, and What I Wore that rarest of things: a big old Off Broadway smash hit! The show celebrated its 200th Performance this past Sunday with a champagne toast.

The starry casts keep coming! The newest cast, including Judy Gold, Melissa Joan Hart, Shirley Knight, Jayne Houdyshell and Lucy DeVito, starts performances on Thursday. And I am so excited to see Brooke Shields, who I’ve known since infancy (hers, not mine), wow audiences in May.

This show has become such a part of pop-culture that I heard it got mentioned on a recent episode of “The Young and the Restless” (a big thanks to my tipster, one of my most loyal readers from back home in Los Angeles).

Broadway and Beyond

I’ve been running myself ragged trying to see as many shows as possible this week, including Red. I was simply blown away by the performances! The always reliable Alfred Molina and the aptly-named newcomer Eddie Redmayne are to die for! I also adored Million Dollar Quartet. Jerry Lee Lewis was always terribly unkind to me, but that didn’t hinder my appreciation of his musical genius. This show left me longing for a bygone era. It also left me humming all those fabulous tunes! I caught the invited dress rehearsal of an Off-Broadway show called 666, by famed Spanish comedy troupe Yllana. I was shocked, disgusted, and horrified … AND I’VE NEVER HAD MORE FUN IN THE THEATER BEFORE IN MY LIFE! Put that on the under-sling, boys! I also paid a visit to one of my all time favorites, The Lion King. There is simply nothing more thrilling than that opening number! And, all these years later, how do they keep shows in such great shape? They must run a tight ship over there at Disney! Finally, I simply loved every last moment of All About Me. It was a perfect evening, with top notch song, top notch comedy, and top notch company. I attended with my old pal from the Coast: the playwright and artist Malcolm MacDonald. We were seated right next to two of my favorite ladies, Liz Smith and Cynthia McFadden. And right behind us was one of New York’s funniest gentlemen (and that’s saying something!), Henry Edward. He tells me that the new documentary about his dearest friend, Joan Rivers, is amazing (even though he ended up on the cutting room floor). We all had a blast watching Dame Edna and Michael Feinstein fight over the spotlight, and I am so sad it is all ending so soon. Everyone, please run out and enjoy this singular theatrical experience before it’s too late!

It is my goal to catch every new Broadway offering by the time the Tony Awards roll around, so stay tuned for more! There is only one thing that can keep me from the theater: “Nurse Jackie” with the divine Edie Falco. Thank heavens Timmy Blupe showed me how to use DVR!

Coiffed for the Carlyle

This rainy day is threatening to ruin my hairdo, but no amount of “Stormy Weather” could keep me from Leslie Uggams’ Café Carlyle debut tonight (her first New York nightclub gig in twenty years)! I’ll be there with Tommy Tune, Capathia Jenkins and Rex Reed. (Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall for THAT conversation?!)

Tidbits from Around Town

Ran into Jean Doumanian walking along Barrow Street in the Village. She told me all about The Mountaintop, a provocative new play that just won the Olivier Award for Best Play in London. She and Sonia Friedman are teaming up to bring it to Broadway in the fall. It sounds like an absolute gem (and serious Tony bait).

Witnessed a stunning-but-dressed-down Laura Linney greeting well wishers at 92nd Street Y after her winning and revealing conversation with Jordan Roth.

Caught James Gandolfini bragging about the “bear hug” (as reported in Page Six) he received from Elaine Stritch after her Café Carlyle show, right before hopping into a gigantic black SUV on Madison Avenue.

Watched Philip Seymour Hoffman and Bobby Cannavale looking on in amusement at the ‘Stella’ shouting contest in front of the Cherry Lane Theatre — part of LAByrinth Theatre Company’s Tenn 99 marathon celebrating Tennessee Williams‘ 99th Birthday.

Sat beside Green Day, one band member more outlandishly dressed than the next,at Bar Centrale, pre-theater and, after they left, overheard a prissy theatrical-type grumbling that they were bringing “the wrong element” to Broadway.  “Excuse me sir or madam,” I interrupted, “I think a little youthful exuberance is just what The Great White Way needs!”  

As always, a toast of something sparkling to you and yours!