Every day is opening night.

“With You”


Ladies and gents,
I had a column planned touting all the excitement this week brought to Broadway, but in light of the horrific, too familiar, images coming out of Paris I’ve scrapped it. The ensuing emotions, not just the images, are also too familiar: the stinging sadness, the crackling fury, the spiraling terror. We’ve been here before.

After hours and hours of CNN, I finally lulled myself to sleep last night with a few pages of “No Ordinary Time” — Doris Kearns Goodwin’s stunningly detailed and intimate account of FDR’s administration during the Second World War. Those pages served as a comforting reminder of the miracles that can occur when great allies stand side by side and fight for a common cause.

But as my weary head filled with images of Roosevelt and Churchill trying to maneuver the submarine invested waters of the Atlantic, I couldn’t help also thinking of Allegiance and the more somber lesson it imparts from that same era. We are entitled to our emotions — that sadness and fury and terror — but when we let them dictate our policy, we become the very enemy we seek to wipe out; we destroy the values we aim to protect.

May our path to victory be swift and righteous.

Hugs and kisses,