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KPOP, The Broadway Musical

KPOP, The Broadway Musical

Claim your backstage pass and dive inside the high-stakes world of K-pop with this exhilarating new Broadway-bound musical.  As global superstars put everything on the line for a special one-night-only concert, one singer’s inner struggle threatens to dismantle one of the hottest labels in K-pop. Pulsing with infectious beats, electrifying choreography, and breathtaking joy, KPOP, the Broadway musical, is an all-consuming multimedia experience that explores the relentless discipline, raw talent, and commercial ambition behind the heart-thumping international phenomenon.

KPOP was conceived by Woodshed Collective and Jason Kim and features a book by Mr. Kim; music, lyrics and music production by Helen Park; and music and lyrics by Max Vernon. Directed by Teddy Bergman and choreographed by Jennifer Weber. 

KPOP is currently scheduled to premiere on Broadway in 2021, produced by Tim Forbes and Joey Parnes. 


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